Welcome to AIRAH's national Mentorship Program

This program connects long-serving AIRAH members (of five years or more) with other AIRAH members across Australia.

Our aim is to provide a high-quality, diverse, and inclusive mentorship environment. In addition to helpful career development and CPD opportunities, this program assists our members in building relationships, strengthening industry, and creating cross-generational influence.

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The intake for mentors opened on April 17, 2023 – James Harrison Day. To apply to be a mentor, please fill out our online application form or send your completed PDF form to [email protected]

Mentee applications are also now open! To apply, please fill out our online application form. Alternatively, complete the PDF form and send it to [email protected]

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AIRAH Mentorship Program
AIRAH Mentorship Program
AIRAH Mentorship Program


"I have been a member of AIRAH since 2013 upon arriving in Australia from abroad. The technical guides, bulletins, seminars, and the opportunity to network with my industry peers has proven invaluable. Nevertheless, during the course of my career development, there have been aspects of my work that have often proven challenging, whether it be guiding and leading my colleagues, or technical queries that challenge even my more senior colleagues.

When AIRAH launched the first mentor program in 2018, I took full advantage of the opportunity and the mentor that I was paired with then remains my mentor now – and it has been an incredibly valuable experience.

I was fortunate to have been paired with Max Kelly, formerly of Steens Grey Kelly mechanical consultants. I have discussed many challenges with Max, including leadership and business managed issues, technical issues, and a variety of "soft skill" issues that we all encounter on a regular basis. Max has approached all my queries with a breadth and depth of insight and experience that never fails to surprise me and help me. While Max – who is now retired – has been supportive in my role, I have done my best to reciprocate by "bringing him on my journey" and introducing him to the new technologies that continue to change the working environment.

AIRAH’s program has allowed me to develop in my career and I’ve used it to suit my specific needs. I would strongly encourage anyone who is in their mid-career to participate and take advantage of the opportunity to develop the skills that will allow them to progress in their career and equip them to become more proficient engineers, managers, and leaders."

Matthew Penfold, M.AIRAH, CPeng NER


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