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HVAC&R Salary Survey 2022

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The full findings from the 2022 edition of AIRAH's HVAC&R Salary Survey are available exclusively to AIRAH members. This will be shared with the public in January 2023.

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Highlights are also available as a six-page spread in the November 2022 edition of Ecolibrium and via the Ecolibrium website.


It has been a big few years for the Australian HVAC&R industry. How have salaries and expectations changed to reflect the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and ongoing economic concerns?

The second edition of AIRAH’s Salary Survey is here to help our industry benchmark wages and forecast trends in employment.

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The first edition of AIRAH's HVAC&R Salary Survey was conducted in 2019. Find out more and view the results from 491 industry professionals.

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