DA18 Water Treatment
DA18 Water Treatment
DA18 provides details of the scientific principles on which present practices of water treatment are based. Describes proven techniques which can reasonably be expected to be applied in water treatment system design, installation maintenance and monitoring. This manual includes the following 22 sections: 1. Introduction, 2. Water chemistry, 3. Parameters affecting water quality, 4. Scale control principles, 5. Principles of corrosion prevention, 6. Inhibitors for corrosion control, 7. Microorganisms, 8. Cooling towers and microorganisms, 9. Legionella, 10. Microbial control principles, 11. Chemical biocides, 12. Non-chemical options, 13. Biocide effectiveness, 14. Water treatment for open recirculating systems, 15. System management specifically for Legionella control, 16. Water treatment for closed recirculating systems, 17. Case studies, 18. Potable water treatment, 19. Sampling, 20. Safety in handling chemicals, 21. Specifying water treatment and 22. Regulatory approaches to prevention of Legionellosis. Numer of pages: 82. Published 1998.

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