DA09 Air Conditioning Load Estimation and Psychrometrics

DA09 Air Conditioning Load Estimation and Psychrometrics
This is the fourth edition of the AIRAH air conditioning load estimation manual. The manual provides a range of information and design data that can be used in any load estimation calculation.

The method outlined in this edition continues to follow the principles of the Carrier Method of load estimation, originally developed by the Carrier Corporation prior to 1972, but has incorporated several modifications not included in the original version.

This manual includes the following sections: 1. Scope and application, 2. Building survey and load estimate, 3. Design conditions, 4. Heat storage, glazing, solar loads, diversity, and stratification, 5. Solar heat gain through glass, 6. Heat and water vapour flow through structures, 7. Infiltration and ventilation, 8.Internal and system heat gains, 9. Applied psychrometrics, and 10. Appendices.

Published: 2022 | Pages: 266

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