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Recordings – Big Data and Analytics Forum 2021

Recordings – Big Data and Analytics Forum 2021
This event was live-streamed on July 22, 2021.

This package includes 11 sessions:
  • Data-driven sustainable outcomes
  • Racing to the endgame
  • Data models and ontologies at the centre of smart building enterprise
  • Who owns the data and where does the control sit?
  • Workshop: Data tagging
  • Automation and experience – Insights into modern security deployments
  • Integrated system platform
  • Big Data Guidelines release
  • Improving outcomes from big data analytics
  • Unsupervised learning for anomaly detection and diagnostics in commercial buildings
  • Panel: Data ontology

Please note Mark Farrow’s keynote address is not offered as a recording.

Information about the speakers and their presentations is available here.

Following your purchase, details on how to access the recordings will be emailed to you.

If you would like to access recordings from the Big Data and Analytics Forum 2020, please visit this page.
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