Chirayu Shah, M.AIRAH
Subbu Sethuvenkatraman, Affil.AIRAH
Mark Hooper

Chirayu Shah, M.AIRAH, ConserveIt,
Subbu Sethuvenkatraman, Affil.AIRAH, CSIRO
Mark Hooper, Echuca Regional Health

Optimal scheduling of air conditioning systems with renewable energy resource and thermal storage – integrated approach for improving energy efficiency and renewable integration using artificial intelligence methods

Shah, Sethuvenkatraman and Hooper will discuss a government-funded grant that will provide a prototype working solution at Echuca Regional Health. It will combine a range of storage systems, energy sources and various chillers to meet the building energy needs in an optimal way.

The proposed solution uses an artificial intelligence-supported model predictive controller (AI-MPC) framework. AI-MPC uses a high-level model to generate predictions of system load and resources to minimise operation costs. AI methods will be applied to continuously learn and update the system models based on feedback from measurements, and to generate predictions and define optimal trajectories. Optimal control of these systems during various seasons considering variable demand profile, electricity and gas costs needs to be developed. A working solution for the project is due for delivery by June 2021. 

About Shah:
Shah is a control engineer with over 16 years of experience in the automation and controls industry. He started his career in India in 2002, working on special projects with government organisations in various fields of research. Shah is now the general manager at Conserve It and oversees technical sales, business development, product distribution and support.

About Sethuvenkatraman:
Sethuvenkatraman is research team leader at CSIRO. He is a thermo-fluids research engineer and technology manager with over 13 years of industrial R&D experience in developing and implementing technology in the energy domain, including renewables. 

About Hooper:
Hooper is executive project manager at Echuca Regional Health. He is an experienced engineer with long-term employment in manufacturing and the hospital and health-care industry, overseeing trades and managing projects.