June and July 2020





Learning to tread lightly
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As practitioners in the HVAC&R space and as individuals, there are many ways we can reduce our carbon footprint. 
Cooling at your service

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This pay-per-service initiative could be a timely disruption, writes Danny Chan.  

Mixed opinion 

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For a host of reasons, mixed-mode air conditioning systems have both their supporters and detractors.

AIRAH built this 

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Throughout AIRAH’s history, Institute members have been key contributors to some of Australia’s most important and recognisable projects.

Leaving on a jet plane 

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Coinciding with its centenary celebrations, a major redevelopment of Sydney Airport’s T1 international terminal has enhanced the departure experience to leave international passengers with a lasting impression of our nation.

Effective integration of polymer plate heat exchangers – A simulation study for evaluating their use in tall commercial office buildings

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This paper describes a ventilation air pre-treatment method using a dry and wet polymer plate in the form of an air-to-air heat exchanger.

By Arjun Adhikari; Professor Guan H. Yeoh; Dr Chris Menictas, M.AIRAH; and Dr Victoria Timchenko