October 2019






Quarter time
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Sometimes moving offices is necessitated by rapid growth, while at other times it’s a financial decision. In the case of Arup’s new Melbourne office, the chance to design and integrate its own workplace within one of the city’s most exciting developments, Melbourne Quarter, was an opportunity too good to pass up. 
The data rush

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Australia’s data centre environment is a rapidly evolving one, as worldwide players set up shop to satisfy our appetite for technology. Sean McGowan talks through some of the issues.

The final countdown

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After considerable deliberation from the judging panel, the finalists of the 2019 AIRAH Awards have been selected.

Data Centre Controls Reliability

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Controls redundancy may be less visible and less well understood than mechanical redundancy, but it is no less important. This paper looks at the redundancy requirements and options for the controls components used to monitor and control the mechanical systems.

By Jeff Stein, P.E., Member ASHRAE; Brandon Gill, P.E., Member ASHRAE