November 2019






Warm reception
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The Reliable Controls Headquarters Annex in Canada’s Victoria (British Columbia) boasts a raft of impressive sustainability elements. Indeed, the building is rated LEED Platinum, the equivalent of 6 star Green Star. A world leader, in other words. 
Retail therapy

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Committed to minimising its long-term impact on the environment, Woolworths created an Energy Management Centre where leading-edge data analytics is contributing to a significant reduction in the retailer’s overall energy consumption.

Analyse this

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Although our industry has gradually got its collective head around data analytics, many opportunities remain unfulfilled.

Tuning building systems in the near future

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This paper presents an overview of the building tuning process and how it is evolving with the introduction of data‑driven analytics, IOT devices building information modelling (BIM) and cloud computing capabilities within buildings.

By John Bourne, Affil. AIRAH