Excellence in Refrigeration – AIRAH Awards 2021 finalists

Open to all individuals, companies, corporate bodies, institutions and government authorities, recognising work carried out during 2019/2020.

This award recognises excellence in the retrofit or upgrade to existing refrigeration systems or the development of new systems, or in the industry’s delivery of services. Products are not eligible in this category.

The project must have been commissioned in the past two years.

Glaciem Cooling Technologies

ARENA-WF Montague

Montague is one of Australia's largest fruit growers. Its new multi-use fruit processing facility in Narre Warren North, Victoria, annually processes more than 300,000,000 pieces of fruit, which are distributed to markets across Australia and the world. Glaciem has Installed the largest CO2 heat pump in the Southern Hemisphere at Montague’s new facility, integrated with the site’s new ammonia/glycol system and two Glaciem Thermcold DYN 900 thermal storage units providing 4MWh of thermal energy storage. 

The heat pump provides 714kW cooling to the site’s -4°C glycol loop while simultaneously generating >80°C hot water and 1.1MW heating (heating water 35°C–83°C).

Scantec Refrigeration Technologies


This centralised, dual-stage, low-charge NH3 refrigerating plant services a 60,000m3 mixed refrigerated warehouse with batch blast freezing.

The combination of refrigeration technologies applied is believed to be unique globally. This includes cold lake air distribution, automatic ambient air defrost, no air coolers within the refrigerated space, stainless steel piping throughout, insulated coolers, no ducting, dry-expansion NH3 feed, automatic mitigation of NH3 leaks from evaporators, specific NH3 inventory 0.66kg/kW, <25kg operating NH3 inventory in all evaporators combined, desiccant drying system for prevention of slippery floors, and compliance with best-practice energy performance benchmarks.