September 2012




Carbon tax talk

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The much talked-about carbon price legislation is now in effect. And though we’ve known of its impact on business operating costs and the effect of the carbon-equivalent levy on HFCs, HVAC&R Nation went out on the street to hear the thoughts of the rank-andfile members of the industry.

What’s the cost of a leak?

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Refrigerant leak detection found attention following the Montreal Protocol in 1987, and while it became illegal to knowingly leak refrigerant into the atmosphere, the issue has continued to be paid lip service by many. Sean McGowan reports on how the introduction of the carbon-equivalent levy on HFCs is changing that.

HVAC&R Nation Skills Workshop: Safety considerations when using flammable refrigerants
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Under the Australian Government’s Clean Energy Future Plan, an equivalent carbon price now applies to a range of synthetic greenhouse gases, including hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) commonly used in refrigeration and air conditioning equipment.

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