March 2013





Refrigeration kicks goals

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When the AFL extended its influence into the rugby league stronghold of south-east Queensland, it did so by importing the best player of his generation into a team of young talent. In many ways the refrigeration design of Metricon Stadium, home to the Gold Coast Suns, reflects a similar approach. Sean McGowan reports.

AS1668.2 is finally resolved (full article)

It has been a long time coming, but a resolution to the duplication and problems of Australian Standard 1668.2 has finally been achieved. This May, the NCC/BCA Volume 1 will reference the new 2012 edition of the standard and, in doing so, consign the troublesome 1991 and 2002 versions to history. Sean McGowan reports.

Skills Workshop: Centrifugal pump selection part one (full article)



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