August 2012




Beware counterfeit R134a

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The explosion of three refrigerated shipping containers last year led to the discovery of counterfeit R134a being distributed from China. While originally thought to be isolated to reefers, Sean McGowan reports that it has also found its way to Australia, prompting safety warnings from authorities.

Australian Standards revisited

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Last year, we reported that a revolution of sorts was under way with the revision of a number of key Australian Standards. Three standards are now available for public comment, and Sean McGowan reports on the likely changes to three important standards for our industry.

HVAC&R Nation Skills Workshop: Refrigerant bank – Part Two: Protecting it
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Last month’s Skills Workshop looked at defining Australia’s “working bank” of refrigerant, and where losses were occurring. This month’s Skills Workshop looks at how to protect that working bank, and the time and money invested in it.

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