September 2015





All about ducts
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Despite efforts by industry stakeholders and watchdogs, non-conforming ductwork continues to plague the marketplace. A recent survey found that all nine samples of flexible duct failed to achieve their stated performance, as Sean McGowan reports.

New order
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A recent business survey has revealed that 60 per cent of Australian small businesses have made purchases online, while a further 43 per cent are now offering their goods and services online. Sean McGowan reports on how online services are extending to the HVAC&R industry.

Skills Workshop: HVAC&R optimisation - Ventilation and air flow
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Over the next few months, we will be giving readers an insight into an ever-evolving topic of HVAC&R Optimisation. First up, we will discuss energy consumption reduction approaches involving air flows and ventilation systems – more specifically, economy cycle strategy.


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