May 2014





The residential dirty dozen
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Setting reasonable customer expectations – or rather not setting them – appears to be behind many of the common problems in residential air conditioning. Alan Obrart, M.AIRAH, director of Obrart & Co. shares his “dirty dozen” mistakes with HVAC&R Nation’s Sean McGowan.

All systems go
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This month, all the buzz is centred on ARBS 2014, Australia’s biggest – and only – international trade show for the building services and HVAC&R industry.

Managing the millennials
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We are repeatedly told that the Gen Y workforce is only in it for themselves. Permanently attached to technology, they are free agents ready to switch jobs for greener pastures – the product of an era of entitlement. But as Sean McGowan asks, are they really any different to those who came before?
Skills Workshop: Water system balancing
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