AIRAH refrigeration webinar series

Join us throughout 2023 for a series of webinars exploring the key fundamentals of refrigeration

These sessions are free for AIRAH members and the public.

Kicking off in June, AIRAH's refrigeration webinar series runs in support of World Refrigeration Day (June 26).

We invite you to learn more about our Refrigeration Special Technical Group (STG) and our resources for the refrigeration industry, including DA12 Energy Efficiency in Cold Rooms and the Flammable Refrigerant Safety Guide.


AIRAH's refrigeration webinars typically run for one hour, with start times as follows (unless otherwise noted).

From April 2, 2023 to
October 1, 2023
(Standard Time)
ACT, NSW, Qld, Tas, Vic
12.30pm AEST
12noon ACST
10.30am AWST

From October 1, 2023
(Daylight Saving Time)
ACT, NSW, Tas, Vic
12.30pm AEDT
12noon ACDT
11.30am AEST
11am ACST
9.30am AWST


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Thursday, June 1

Heat load estimation for cool rooms and freezers

This webinar will look at the variety of heat sources that contribute to the heat load in a cool room and freezer. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Product (including packaging)
  • Heat transmission through the room structure
  • Occupants in the room
  • Air interchange
  • Electrical and mechanical devices
  • Defrost heat in freezer

This session is presented by:

  • Andrew Pang, AM.AIRAH – Andrew Pang & Associates (LinkedIn)

Thursday, July 20

SESSION 2 – Please note: This session will run from 3.30–4.30pm AEST
Refrigeration components selection tool Coolselector®2

Coolselector®2 is well-known in the industry as a software tool for calculating and selecting components in HVAC&R system. It can also help to optimise energy consumption and increase efficiency. In this webinar, Norbert Blatz (Leading Application Expert in Danfoss, standing behind Coolselector®2 development) will provide a tool presentation which covers the following topics:

  • Where to find Coolselector®2
  • Installation and initial settings
  • Interface structure and navigation
  • Component calculation and selection
  • Report and bill of material generation
  • Tips and tricks

This session is presented by:

  • Norbert Blatz – Danfoss

Thursday, September 7

System maintenance and performance benefits

In 2022, SuperTest (a division of the SuperCool Group) carried out a series of performance tests of common faults in a walk-in cool room and refrigerated display cabinet for the Department of Climate Change, Energy, the Environment and Water. The faults simulated are simple, preventable faults that commonly occur in everyday systems. The results indicate how simple maintenance and good practice can overcome these faults and help reduce emissions and improve overall performance.

This session will present the test procedure and test results while highlighting the benefits of simple regular maintenance for heat exchangers.

This session is presented by:

  • Rene Le Miere, M.AIRAH – SuperCool (LinkedIn)

SuperCool Group disclose that they are the distributor for Viper HVAC&R Cleaning Chemicals. They will not be discussing product performance.


Thursday, October 19

CO2 system basics and ideal applications

This session is presented by:

  • Ian Tuena, AM.AIRAH – C.A. Group Services (LinkedIn)

Thursday, November 16

Leadership in commercial refrigeration through the HFC phase-down (global trends)

This session is presented by:

  • Brett Hedge, M.AIRAH – Kirby (LinkedIn)

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