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AIRAH’s mission is to create an Australian HVAC&R industry that is highly skilled and professional, safe, sustainable, and environmentally effective.

If you are interested in starting or developing your career in HVAC&R building services, our career resources will be of help. Here, you can explore career pathways, find helpful training and professional development opportunities, search for jobs, and more.

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For general information about the HVAC&R industry – including its role in the Australian economy and its impact on climate change – click here.

We also encourage you to become an AIRAH member and join the only dedicated body for people actively engaged in the Australian HVAC&R building services industry. An AIRAH membership can help you advance your career, gain access to our tools and resources, build your professional network, and more. We also offer free student membership and a discounted Under 30 Affiliate membership.

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AIRAH is committed to promoting our industry and encouraging a diverse, inclusive workforce. If you would like to join us and are looking for ways promote the HVAC&R building services industry, please click here to access our shareable materials. These resources include videos, posters, and presentation templates.

AIRAH Mentorship Program The AIRAH Mentoring Program connects long-serving AIRAH members (of five years or more) with other AIRAH members across Australia. Both mentors and mentees will have the opportunity to learn from their partner and develop their networks, experiences, and careers.

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