Technical Handbook

           The AIRAH Technical Handbook is one of the most valuable benefits of an AIRAH membership. It is regarded as the go-to comprehensive resource for those working in the HVAC&R industry.

  • More than 250 pages of information
  • Sections dedicated to a vast array of subjects including design data, metric data, air-distribution systems, pipe systems, HVAC and general information.

The AIRAH Technical Handbook is the definitive compilation of essential information. It is an indispensable resource for HVAC&R industry professionals. 

All AIRAH members receive a digital copy of the Technical Handbook

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Order a hard copy of AIRAH’s Technical Handbook

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Non-member price: $440 (price includes a one-year AIRAH membership at the Affiliate level)

The sixth edition of AIRAH's Technical Handbook will be released in March/April 2021. Please stay tuned for further information and pre-order details.

This publication is an official AIRAH resource and is aligned with AIRAH’s objectives to lead technical education and knowledge within the HVAC&R industry. For more on AIRAH’s resources, including our Design Application (DA) manuals, please click here.