Cooling towers and Legionella resources

Cooling towers are used widely across a range of industries in Australia to reject waste heat to the atmosphere. In HVAC systems, this is often used to cool heat-laden condenser water so that it can be re-used.

Cooling towers may feature either natural convection or forced convection to promote airflow over the water droplets.

But evaporation of water plus the absorption of airborne pollutants by the water in cooling towers can lead to problems such as Legionella. It is vital, therefore, that the cooling water is monitored and treated.

The resources below provide advice on cooling towers and water treatment.

DA Manuals and guidelines

DA17 – Cooling Towers
DA18 – Water Treatment
AIRAH Water Conservation in Cooling Towers Best Practice Guideline


Water Treatment Service Providers course (level 1 and 2)


Skills Workshop 40 – An introduction to cooling towers
Skills Workshop 128 – Water-cooled condensers and cooling towers
Top 10 worst practices: cooling towers (HVAC&R Nation – April 2008)
Top 10 worst practices: cooling towers: a contractor’s response (HVAC&R Nation – May 2008)


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