Backflow Prevention

AIRAH works collaboratively with the Backflow Prevention Association of Australia and many involved in the sector are also members of AIRAH. 

AIRAH provides a range of products and information to assist operators in backflow prevention. 

Some useful information about responsibilities and industry codes is outlined General Backflow Information.


Publications / products


  • Backflow Inspection Booklets - triplicate copies x 25

  • Backflow Tags - used to show that the backflow device it is attached to must be tested and maintained every 12 months.

Backflow prevention products can be purchased from the online store  or by filling out the Backflow Prevention order form  and returning it to AIRAH. 


Backflow resources

     Backflow is the unwanted reverse flow of liquid in a piping system which may result in the contamination of safe drinking water.

AIRAH sells backflow inspection booklets and backflow tags in their online store. 

The backflow tags can be purchased here, and the inspection booklets are available here .   

Backflow prevention

Plumbers on this register have the appropriate knowledge and experience to assess a property's risk level, and to fit and maintain backflow prevention devices as necessary.

To find out how to be included in the register, contact the AIRAH office on +613 8623 3000.


Register of Accredited Backflow Professionals

Accredited Backflow Professionals have shown that they have successfully completed the professional development units in Backflow Prevention and Cross Connection Control required to ensure a proper level of competence and professionalism in their work as a backflow specialist. All accredited backflow professionals have to ensure that their backflow test kit is registered with a licensed tester and tested every 12 months.

To update your details on the register, email


Alphabetical by suburb


Robert Woolley, M.AIRAH
Woolley's Plumbing
13 Abbott Street
Alphington Vic 3078
Ph: 03 9499 8222
Fax: 03 9499 3768

Mark Wright, Affil.AIRAH
Rosehill Plumbing
PO Box 194
Ascot Vale Vic 3032
Mobile: 0419 106 768
Ph: 03 9336 2663
Fax: 03 9336 2667

Keith Seabrook, Affil.AIRAH
99 Riviera Road
Avondale Heights Vic 3034
Ph: 03 9336 0331
Fax: 03 9331 7853
Mobile: 0418 312693

Frank Di Natale, Affil.AIRAH
John Di Natale Eng Pty Ltd
38 Johnston Street
Collingwood Vic 3006
Ph: 03 9417 5828 / 03 9419 1440
Fax: 03 9419 7015

Louis Harpur, Affil.AIRAH
Majestic Plumbing (Vic)
PO Box 243
Essendon VIC 3040
Ph: 03 9382 0039
Mob: 0438 531 609

Simon Hall, Affil.AIRAH
A and S Hall Plumbing Services
PO Box 2287
Kew Vic 3101
Phone: 0408 730 868

Darren McLean Affil.AIRAH
McLean Water Works
46 Manorvale Parade 
Werribee VIC  3030
Ph: 03 8368 2302



Shannon Kennedy, Affil.AIRAH
Kennedy Plumbing Services Pty Ltd
2-4 Southey St
Williamstown Vic 3016
Ph: 03 9397 1955
Fax: 03 9397 6663
Mob: 0418 397 612


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