Ecolibrium is the official journal of AIRAH. It is the most influential HVAC&R publication in Australia.

A high-quality gloss magazine, it’s professional, bright and informative; offering in-depth news on the latest technologies, case studies, peer-reviewed technical papers and informed editorial.

Ecolibrium is direct-mailed to AIRAH members and non-members Australia-wide.

The magazine reaches chief executives, managing directors, engineering managers, business development managers, senior mechanical engineers and consulting engineers.

Key facts

  • Ecolibrium has a circulation of 9,006*
  • Ecolibrium has a readership of 22,515*.

*CAB Circulations Audit Board, September 2019


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Celebrating a Centenary

AIRAH has released a special edition of Ecolibrium to celebrate the Institute's 100-year anniversary. The issue includes the features:
  • A brief history of AIRAH
  • New horizons
  • Ink and ice in his veins
  • Perspectives
  • AIRAH built this
  • The game-changers
  • The bridge
  • Son rise, sunset
  • The young ones
  • Remote revelry
  • Past Presidents and CEOs
  • The listener
  • AIRAH’s life members.
The issue is available to read online here, and hard copies are also available to purchase here.

Past issues

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All story and technical paper submissions should be sent to Ecolibrium editor, Matt Dillon,

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