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Ecolibrium is the official journal of AIRAH. It is the most influential HVAC&R publication in Australia, offering in-depth news on the latest technologies, case studies, peer-reviewed technical papers, and informed editorial.

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Ecolibrium journal

Ecolibrium journal (hard copy)

AIRAH publishes Ecolibrium as a high-quality gloss magazine, delivered Australia-wide to AIRAH members.

Non-members may purchase a 10-issue subscription via AIRAH’s store. Previous issues are also available to purchase for a limited time.

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Ecolibrium website

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Explore feature articles, cover stories, and technical papers via the official site. Launched in August 2022, it provides you with a new way to explore and engage with the voice of the HVAC&R building services industry. 

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Ecolibrium's 75th anniversary


Have an idea for an Ecolibrium story or Technical Paper? We would love to hear from you. Please contact Ecolibrium editor Matt Dillon at [email protected]



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AIRAH is always seeking technical papers of merit for publication in Ecolibrium. Technical papers must comply with the technical paper guidelines. All papers submitted for publication in Ecolibrium are required to undergo a peer review process. Once submitted, the paper will first be reviewed internally, before being sent to two independent external reviewers with relevant expertise. At each stage of the process, comments and recommendations will be sent to the author for alterations as required. If the paper passes the review, it will then be eligible for publication in Ecolibrium.

AIRAH also presents the WR Ahern Award at the annual AIRAH Awards. This recognises the best technical paper written by an AIRAH member and published in Ecolibrium. For more information, visit



(CAB Circulations Audit Board, March 2022)

Ecolibrium reaches chief executives, managing directors, engineering managers, business development managers, senior mechanical engineers, and consulting engineers.

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