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Our AIRAH on Air podcast explores stories from the built environment in Australia and abroad, with a focus on the heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration industry – a sector in a constant state of development and innovation.

AIRAH on Air is a chance to delve into topics covered in Ecolibrium, AIRAH’s official journal, in a new way. Host Mark Spencer interviews experts on issues of national and international importance, such as global warming and big data, while also providing unique insights into site-specific projects and builds.


AIRAH on Air is hosted by Mark Spencer, a Melbourne-based podcaster. He is also a host on Climactic, a podcast collective highlighting the people, projects and ideas that are making a positive impact on climate change and the environment. He is always looking for new projects in the podcasting space.
“Working on AIRAH on Air has been an amazing experience for me, because I've been able to work with legends in the sustainability world,” Mark says.

“I was very new to the industry when this show started, but as my experience and confidence have grown, I'm looking forward to AIRAH on Air becoming even more interesting and relevant to a wider audience. We really appreciate everyone who's tuned in for our first episodes, and going forward, we look forward to bringing more stories from the HVAC&R industry to even more people.”


A new episode of AIRAH on Air is released the second Wednesday of each month. Find them on soundcloud (iTunes and Spotify coming soon) or listen to them below.


The seventh episode of the AIRAH on Air podcast was recorded at the Melbourne Forum on June 25, 2019. We hear from Dr Nicola Willand, a lecturer at RMIT University’s School of Property, Construction and Project Management. In her presentation, Willand explains the concept of energy poverty; how it can be measured and understood; who’s most vulnerable; the social implications; and what can be done to assist those struggling to cool or heat their homes.

Guest: Dr Nicola Willand


Episode 6 – SYDNEY’S BARRACK PLACE – May 2019
  In this episode, we take a trip to visit Investa’s Barrack Place – the new Sydney headquarters for Arup and the first Australian building to earn a WELL Core & Shell Precertification at the Gold Level from the International WELL Building Institute.

Adapted from "WELL and good" (Ecolibrium, March 2019)

Guests: Andrew Pettifer / Jack Noonan


Episode 5 – THE HFC PHASE-DOWN – March 2019
We explore a global issue: the HFC phase-down. This is a worldwide effort to slow down climate change by reducing hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) – synthetic gases used in air conditioning and refrigeration that are thousands of times more powerful than carbon dioxide when it comes to global warming.

Adapted from "Low-down on the phase-down" (Ecolibrium, August 2018)

Guest: Vince Aherne, F.AIRAH


Episode 4 – THE CAPE – February 2019
  It was the site of Australia’s first dinosaur bone excavation, then it was neighbour to a coal mine, and now it’s the future of sustainable housing. Join us for a visit to The Cape – a new development located about two hours south-east of Melbourne in the seaside village of Cape Paterson.

Adapted from "Cape crusader" (Ecolibrium, February 2019

Guest: Clint Hare


When a building gets older, often the obvious option is demolition. But what if there’s a way to save it and preserve its history? How can that help increase energy efficiency and reduce emissions?

Adapted from "Law and order" (Ecolibrium, December 2018)

Guests: Danni Roberts / Phil Wilkinson, F.AIRAH


Episode 2 – BIG DATA – December 2018
  Big data. It’s a big idea. It’s also moved from the “next big thing” to business as usual. But what does it have to do with the built environment and why does it matter to the humans who occupy it?

Adapted from "Big deal" (Ecolibrium, November 2018)

Guests: Chris Stamatis, M.AIRAH / Craig Roussac, M.AIRAH / Chris King, M.AIRAH


Episode 1 – NET ZERO – November 2018
How are we improving the design and construction of buildings? In the first episode of AIRAH on Air, we explore how we’re working toward a “net zero” future – and what, exactly, that means.

Adapted from "The zero effect" (Ecolibrium, September 2018)

Guests: Paul Cooper, F.AIRAH / Clare Parry, M.AIRAH / Tony Arnel


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