Member types

Affiliate member

"I want information to improve my knowledge of HVAC&R, education and resources to develop my skills, and contacts to improve my business opportunities"

Affiliate membership is for anyone actively involved in HVAC&R or who may be new to the industry. It offers you access to an increased range of resources, information and contacts, and demonstrates your commitment to developing your skills as well as providing a range of benefits unique to members. You can easily upgrade at a later stage.

Affiliate members of AIRAH may use the post-nominal Affil.AIRAH.

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Student member

"I am currently studying a HVAC&R-related program and I am looking for materials to help me with my studies"

Student membership is open to all people that are studying an Australian qualification – full-time student at any university or tertiary institute or an apprentice or trainee. You can access a wealth of digital information and knowledge across a broad range of HVAC&R topics, and receive access to the HVAC&R Nation Skills Workshops and the Ecolibrium journal archive to assist your research and learning. 

Student members of AIRAH may use the post-nominal Stud.AIRAH.

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Member and Associate Member

"I am an experienced HVAC&R professional, keen to learn more and further develop my skills and career" 

Whether you are an Affiliate member or joining for the first time, to become an Associate Member or Member of AIRAH, you must show that you have some mix of qualifications, experience and responsibility as a HVAC&R practitioner, teacher or researcher.
Members of AIRAH may use the post-nominal M.AIRAH. Associate members of AIRAH may use the post-nominal AM.AIRAH.

The grading process will determine whether you will be recognised as an Associate Member or Member. 

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"I have a wealth of experience and knowledge, which I would like to use to help shape the further development of the HVAC&R profession"

AIRAH Fellowship recognises those who have made a significant contribution to the HVAC&R industry as a practitioner, teacher or researcher. Applicants will normally have been members of AIRAH for at least 10 years or have an equivalent level of experience in a senior position. All applications for Fellowship are approved by the Board.

Fellows of AIRAH may use the post-nominal F.AIRAH.

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Under 30 Affiliate membership

"I have graduated from TAFE or university and would like to get involved in the industry"

The Under 30 Affiliate membership grade is a low-cost, introductory membership for those who are either 30 years of age or younger. The aim of the membership is to support new AIRAH members as they complete their education and enter the workforce. 

The Under 30 Affiliate members may use the post-nominal Affil.AIRAH.

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