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Get involved with AIRAH

AIRAH offers members plenty of opportunities to get involved with our activities. You could, for example, participate in our events or technical committees, or contribute to our publications. 

And the invaluable support from members lending their time and expertise forms a major part of AIRAH’s capacity to provide core services. It’s part of the reason why AIRAH is Australia’s leading HVAC&R organisation. 

Not only will contributing to AIRAH provide members such as yourself with better information, opportunities and industry ties. It also offers you the chance to connect and network with some of the HVAC&R industry’s leading practitioners, with AIRAH staff – and through the experience of volunteering – to be involved in something bigger than yourself.

To talk about any of the opportunities below in more detail, contact our head office on 03 8623 3000.

The following are just some of the ways you can get involved with AIRAH:

Assist in the Quantification of NCC Performance Requirements

As part of the ABCB’s strategy to drive increased and competent use of Performance, the ABCB are seeking to quantify the Performance Requirements of the National Construction Code (NCC). We recognise that industry is best placed to lead this work through their skills and knowledge.

The ABCB is supporting AIRAH to bring the expertise of the HVAC&R industry into this project. We are looking for leaders from the AIRAH membership who bring fresh ideas and established experience, who will step up to ensure that the Performance Requirements are the best they can be. Leaders who see the potential that quantified Performance Requirements can deliver for the construction industry. 

The HVAC&R industry’s central role in this process is to assess how best to quantify the Performance Requirements. What are the most effective metrics to use, and how should they be applied? 

The level at which these metrics are set will remain the prerogative of the ABCB to ensure policy neutrality. 

But there is still a wide scope for industry experts within AIRAH to make an impact and drive the NCC forwards. For each of the Performance Requirements (download the appendix), we are seeking a leader with passion and knowledge of that area. 

The ABCB and AIRAH will assist our champions in developing proposals to quantify their Performance Requirement, and will facilitate coordination with other keen participants.

This is your opportunity to have a direct effect on the National Construction Code and extend your expertise and make a difference for the HVAC&R industry. 

For more information or to nominate please contact Phil Wilkinson, AIRAH's Executive Manager – Government Relations and Technical Services by June 14.

Review a Design Application Manual

AIRAH publishes a variety of technical manuals. Keep an eye on the AIRAH newsletters for the opportunity to review public draft versions during the development of our manuals.

Join a committee

AIRAH calls on the technical expertise of its members for many of its activities, and has committees with members located throughout Australia. Some of these committees are long-term commitments; others are one-off projects.

Types of AIRAH committees include:
  • State divisions – Each Australian state and territory has a dedicated committee tasked with organising monthly events for members in that state.
  • Conferences – Planning committees contribute technical knowledge to shape conference programs, which are different each year.
  • Special Technical Groups  – AIRAH has a series of autonomous groups that provide expertise to group-led projects. The groups include Refrigeration, Solar Heating and Cooling, Building Physics, Resilience, Big Data and ESD (environmentally sustainable design). If you are interested in joining or starting a Special Technical Group please email for more details.
  • Portfolio Groups – These assist in steering actions and undertaking work that aligns with the strategic goals of the organisation. They also act as a sounding board for management, helping to shape AIRAH’s activities and direction. The groups include Membership, Young Professionals and Centenary.
The "AIRAH Committee guide" is available to download here. The guide has been prepared to help AIRAH members understand the roles of AIRAH committees, within the structure of AIRAH as an organisation. It supports committees in planning, organising, communicating and improving their operation and making sure the rules of AIRAH are followed. It is intended as a guide and is based on requirements of the AIRAH Constitution 2015 and the AIRAH Bylaws. These are the governing documents of AIRAH. 

It also explains how the committees engage with the Board at the National Reference Group and how they feed into the AIRAH Board selection process at the AIRAH Annual Convention.

Contribute to AIRAH’s magazines

AIRAH has two monthly national print publications: Ecolibrium  and HVAC&R Nation . Industry news and stories are welcome for both.

For Ecolibrium, all story and technical paper submissions should be sent to the editor, Matt Dillon,

To submit a story idea for Ecolibrium, either complete an Ecolibrium article pro forma and send to the editor, or simply send an introductory email. Ideas welcome.

AIRAH is always seeking technical papers of merit for publication in Ecolibrium. Technical papers must comply with the technical paper guidelines. All technical papers submitted for publication in Ecolibrium are required to undergo a peer-review process. Once submitted, the paper will first be reviewed internally, before being sent to two independent external reviewers with relevant expertise. At each stage of the process, comments and recommendations will be sent to the author for alterations as required. If the paper passes the review, it will then be eligible for publication in Ecolibrium.

Review technical papers

If you have particular expertise or experience in a certain field, and have some spare time, reviewing papers is a great way to contribute to the high-standard technical information we provide in our magazines. To express your interest, contact Ecolibrium editor, Matt Dillon,

Present at a conference

AIRAH is always looking for speakers for our national conferences, and regularly advertise our call for abstracts. Contact conference organiser, Emily McLaughlin, for more information.

Recommend a topic/project

If you have completed work on a project that you think would be of interest to others, let your state executive officer know and we can consider it for a write-up in our magazines or a site visit.


Provide your expertise to course material, or lead a training session as a facilitator. For more information, contact

AIRAH board

If you have an interest in being an AIRAH federal board director please contact AIRAH to find out your eligibility and the process involved.

Representing AIRAH

AIRAH often calls on its members to represent the Institute in an official capacity to other industry organisations, on Standards committees, and other industry-related tasks. These opportunities are usually advertised in our weekly enewsletters.

Industry representation

AIRAH's strategic aims include informing regulation and collaborating with industry on important standards, guides and a range of industry initiatives. These initiatives generally involve participation and collaboration in or through a group formed for the project and managed by a third party.

If you would like to get involved, please click here for more information.