AIRAH’s Employer Partner membership is the preferential package for businesses in HVAC&R. It provides companies with the technical resources staff need to do their job; education and training advantages; and the brand and financial benefits of Employer Partner status. 

Who is the AIRAH Employer Partner membership for?

AIRAH’s Employer Partner membership is designed for companies operating in the Australian HVAC&R industry. It is open to businesses and organisation regardless of size, with tiered pricing to accommodate the size of your staff.

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What are the benefits of becoming an AIRAH Employer Partner?

As an AIRAH Employer Partner, your business has the benefit of:
  • Preferential AIRAH Employer Partner status
  • Ways for your employees to expand knowledge and skills
  • Access to AIRAH’s suite of tools and technical resources
  • Increased industry involvement and visibility
  • Building professional networks
  • A great membership price, plus discounts on products and event registrations.

Explore the Employer Partner benefits

Do you have a similar program for education institutions?

Yes – please click here to find out about our Education Partner membership.

Employer Partner membership fees

To obtain the benefits of the Employer Partner membership, you pay one annual fee based on the number of employees you wish to enrol. 

Enrolled participants will be given access to AIRAH’s exclusive online technical resources. Please note that only participating staff will obtain the benefit of discounted AIRAH member rates for our training, events and conferences. 

Employer Partner membership fees – 2021

Membership band

Number of staff

Annual fee A$, incl. GST





















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International members may join the Employer Partner program at the same rates above inclusive of GST.

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For more information or to sign up for an AIRAH Employer Partner membership package, please contact [email protected]