Do you have a passion for commissioning and want to help the industry improve?

AIRAH is seeking expressions of interest to form 
a Commissioning Special Technical Group.


We are seeing many projects that provide poor performance from a services perspective. This leads to issues with comfort, life-cycle cost, energy performance and, ultimately, sustainability. The majority of services defects are related to commissioning.

Commissioning is a vital step in the process of putting systems into operation and ensures they function as intended.

Comprehensive, integrated and complete commissioning can ensure longevity and efficiency of systems and services, reducing life-cycle cost. Properly commissioned systems are also easier to maintain and/or fault-find, and efficient systems are more sustainable from an energy and water perspective.

The proposed Commissioning Special Technical Group would focus on providing AIRAH members with advice in this space.

All members are invited.

If you are interested in getting involved, please email or call AIRAH’s national office on 03 8623 3000.