In recent years, there has been many questions and issues raised about commissioning – particularly in relation to how we proactively manage the process of getting the right outcomes in the built environment. There is also a considerable amount of research and work happening, in isolation, around the country and overseas.

AIRAH has created a new Commissioning Special Technical Group (STG). Its aim is to bring together professionals to better understand issues; identify what needs to be done; and collaborate on combined efforts focused on moving the industry forward.


Commissioning is the practice of assuring all systems and components of a major piece of equipment, process, building or similar are designed, installed and tested according to the operational requirements of the owner or final client. 

There are a significant number of “gaps” in the process that lead to poorly commissioned buildings. This results in inefficient performance from both an energy and user experience perspective.


The purpose of AIRAH’s Commissioning STG is to provide members with a platform for involvement in issues affecting their industry. 

This includes:
  • Policy advice
  • Regulation development
  • The development of, and access to, industry-leading advice. 
This platform will promote a whole-of-supply chain integrated view. It will also encourage best-practice delivery within the Australian and international community.


The committee aims to provide:

Stakeholder education

Demand for multi-stakeholder involvement and engagement from the sustainability team and facilities managers, through to the executive team in the commissioning process.

Maintenance models

Ongoing commissioning and the need to adopt traditional maintenance models, based on AIRAH's DA19 HVAC&R Maintenance for example. These models are currently undergoing change and, as such, the prescriptive industry guides that promote them need to adapt. There is a role for industry here in a practical sense –updating industry best practice guides on maintenance and establishing typical costs of this updated approach to help guide building owners.

Energy performance

Improvements in understanding the relationship that best practice commissioning has upon energy efficiency.


Better understanding of the need for integrated testing and commissioning as many systems interact with others to obtain the desired outcome.

Tertiary-level education

There is a lack of awareness regarding commissioning with respect to tertiary level education in the HVAC engineering space. In many cases, syllabuses have not caught up with the speed of adoption for many commissioning practices. There is a role for industry to play here to help bridge this gap.

An industry voice

Be a reference point for government in shaping relevant policy relating to the environmental, economic and social impact of HVAC&R and related systems.

Policy influence

Make submissions on behalf of members to influence policy setting, as collectively agreed upon. Work with government at all levels to establish workable regulations, frameworks and guidelines.


Identify and seek external funding for collaborative projects that support the objectives and aims of AIRAH and its members.


Provide guidance to the HVAC&R industry to develop a considered, integrated and technically objective approach to Commissioning.

Knowledge collaboration

Create special interest groups led by industry knowledge champions to help further the interests of the committee, AIRAH and its members, where needed.

To formalise and track progress toward these aims, the committee will establish a rolling list of projects/outcomes to be accomplished for the calendar year. The list will be updated yearly with interim reviews, as appropriate.


Chair and Associate Director: Paul Jackson, F.AIRAH

Committee members:

  • Dan Dainard, M.AIRAH
  • Damien Arandt, Affil.AIRAH
  • Graeme Perry, Affil.AIRAH
  • Anthony Carter, Affil.AIRAH
  • Mark Jacobson, M.AIRAH
  • Robert Simic, M.AIRAH
  • Faizel Gordon, Affil.AIRAH
  • Russell Gardiner
  • Michael Riese, M.AIRAH
  • Scott Dolman, Affil.AIRAH.

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