Overview and background

Commercial kitchen exhausts play an important role in any commercial kitchen including:
  • Extraction of grease, oil and vapours from cooking operations
  • Ventilation to maintain air quality
  • Odour control
  • Compliance and risk management to prevent building fire
  • Integration into a well-functioning HVAC system.
Commercial kitchen exhaust systems provide the perfect storm or fire triangle – ignition, fuel and air when poorly designed, installed or maintained. In Australia the installation of these systems is covered by AS1668 and the maintenance by AS1851. Various stakeholders have identified that there are issues with the approach to commercial kitchen exhaust systems in Australia.


The initial priority of the STG is to study how to minimise the fire risk of commercial kitchen exhaust systems through a range of interventions targeted at designers, installers, owners and users focusing on:
  • The design and installation requirements for accessibility to service and maintain, equipment and systems
  • The service and cleaning of installed equipment and systems.


The committee aims to provide:
  • Best practice handbook
  • Best practice training
  • Recommendations for changes to Australian Standards.

  • Graeme Williamson, Affil.AIRAH (Chair) 
  • Sven Bolomey, M.AIRAH (Deputy Chair) 
  • Jeremy Kronk, Affil.AIRAH   
  • Jeremy Stamkos, M.AIRAH          
  • Ian Forester, Affil.AIRAH    
  • Jarrad Brown, Affil.AIRAH                     
  • Martin Ryan, M.AIRAH 
  • Scott Baker, Affil.AIRAH
  • Josh Leys, Affil.AIRAH
  • John Dunbar, M.AIRAH
  • Marcel Heijnen, Affil.AIRAH
  • Al Gray, Affil.AIRAH
  • Alexandre Stubert, Affil.AIRAH
  • William Sinclair, Affil.AIRAH
  • Brett Dundules.

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Membership is open to any financial AIRAH member. If you are interested in being involved please email [email protected] or call 03 8623 3000.