About AIRAH's Special Technical Groups

AIRAH’s Special Technical Groups (STGs) represent the major areas of the dynamic HVAC&R field.  A primary source of original research and personal perspectives from the world's leading thinkers in our industry, they foster technical communities within their respective specialties across countries and continents.

AIRAH’s STGs are invested in advancing the skills of their members, keeping them abreast of emerging trends. They offer opportunities for networking with colleagues, staying connected to peers and negotiating the strategic challenges of today’s environment.

STGs drive innovation across a broad spectrum of disciplines, they provide input into AIRAH’s newsletters and magazines, encourage excellence through multiple supporting organising conferences and activities on a local-to-global scale.

Background for AIRAH’s Special Technical Groups

AIRAH’s members and stakeholders have a need for technically accurate, unbiased information relating to issues in the industry and the market place.  Whilst the volume of information available is increasing, it is recognised that a significant amount of opinion, mis-information and marketing related content exists which does not always stand up to technical scrutiny but is presented as fact. In this context AIRAH’s STGs provide a vehicle for our industry leaders to understand interpret and provide guidance to our members and stakeholders in an unbiased and fact based manner, hence the primary drivers for the STG are:

  • To provide pragmatic advice to our membership and others on how to deliver informed, considered and appropriate outcomes;
  • Beyond any prevailing rhetoric and dialogue, our primary aim is to assist our members in making informed and well considered decisions;
  • Where multiple requests exceed the resource base our priority will default to those areas where our efforts will deliver the greatest benefits (as defined above) to our membership.


AIRAH Special Technical Group guide

The AIRAH Special Technical Group guide is available to download here. The guide has been prepared to help AIRAH members understand the roles of AIRAH groups and committees, within the structure of AIRAH as an organisation. It supports groups in planning, organising, communicating and improving their operation and making sure the rules of AIRAH are followed. It is intended as a guide and is based on requirements of the AIRAH Constitution 2015 and the AIRAH Bylaws. These are the governing documents of AIRAH. 

It also explains how the committees and groups engage with the Board at the National Reference Group and how they feed into the AIRAH Board selection process at the AIRAH Annual Convention.

Propose a new Special Technical Group

If you have an area of interest or specialisation that is not covered by the existing groups and would like to discuss forming a new special technical group please email [email protected].

AIRAH’s Special Technical Groups by knowledge area