Portfolio Groups

Are you keen to have a say in AIRAH’s present and future direction? Then perhaps you should consider joining one of our new Portfolio Groups.

By joining a Portfolio Group – whether it be for membership, young professionals or for AIRAH’s centenary – you will be able to share your expertise, your passion, your efficiency and flair, lending them to initiatives designed to benefit the membership and the entire HVAC&R industry.

You’ll also get something back: the opportunity to network with industry colleagues concerned about the same issues as you.

Portfolio Groups allow AIRAH members to have input into and help drive key areas of member benefit. Unlike divisional committees, these groups have a national focus that is not restricted by geographical regions. They assist in steering actions and undertaking work that aligns with the strategic goals of AIRAH. They also act as a sounding board for management, helping to shape the activities and direction of the organisation.
The three Portfolio Groups are Membership, Young Professionals and Centenary.

governance structure

The Membership portfolio group will provide input into AIRAH’s strategy for membership grading, governance and peer recourse for dissatisfied members, and monitor its implementation. The group will also look at opportunities and approaches to grow members, especially at the student and international levels. 

The Young Professionals portfolio group focuses on members of AIRAH who are currently completing or have completed a tertiary (university or TAFE) qualification, and are between the ages of 18 and 35. The group will give young professionals a stronger voice and stake in AIRAH, and help them build networks and exchange knowledge. It will also promote careers in HVAC&R to school, TAFE and university students and help guide young professionals towards long-term careers in the industry.

The Centenary portfolio group is tasked with preparing for AIRAH’s 100th birthday in 2020, and ensuring the milestone is celebrated in a significant yet appropriate manner, reflecting the diversity and history of the organisation. The group will develop a plan that includes both national and local activities, before and during AIRAH’s birthday, and allocate resources appropriately.

Portfolio Groups are made up of five or more members, with at least one representative from the AIRAH Board of Directors (the Director) and the AIRAH National Office (the Secretariat). 

Meetings take place every one or two months, generally via teleconference (although Melbourne-based participants may attend meetings at the national office).

Nominations are now open. The portfolio group shall accept nominations from any interested, eligible AIRAH member. All nominations for membership shall be assessed by the Chief Executive Officer, making a recommendation to the Board of Directors.

“Joining a Portfolio Group is a great way to contribute to AIRAH and the industry, and it brings many fringe benefits,” says AIRAH Director and CEO of Global IQ Group, Nathan Groenhout, F.AIRAH.

“Members will develop leadership skills, build valuable networks with their fellow professionals, help shape our industry, while giving back to our members through their knowledge and expertise. And there’s exciting work to be done. As the director responsible for the Centenary group, I’m looking forward to hearing the ideas of our members and making sure our 100th birthday celebrations go off with a bang – as well as creating a lasting legacy for the next 100 years.”

If you are interested in getting involved, please contact membership@airah.org.au, or AIRAH Chief Executive Tony Gleeson, M.AIRAH, at CEO@airah.org.au, or ring the National Office on 03 8623 3000. 

The terms of reference can be downloaded here:
Young Professionals