International Leaders Program 2018

AIRAH and International Leaders are excited to launch the 2018 Leaders Series and associated scholarship opportunities.

The Leaders Series is about developing the next generation of leading Australian companies. We are currently seeking nominations from dynamic growth companies to secure one of two full scholarships or two part-scholarships.

The companies selected will include those seeking national or international growth, funding, access to new markets, or those looking to prepare for an exit or succession. 

More information on these programs can be found at here, or by downloading the information sheet.

What does the International Leaders organisation provide?
  • They assist individuals and companies to grow through the sharing of experience and leadership with industry partners.
  • Each of their initiatives are designed to provide participants with relevant and valuable knowledge in order to achieve success in their personal, professional and business vision.
  • The Leaders platform connects participants with key industry, business and government leaders. It gives access to industry partners, experts and alumni, delivered in a unique yet structured approach to support each member’s journey in achieving their vision.
  • During a 12-month program participants meet for one afternoon a month to engage with industry partners and experts in presentations and one-on-one mentoring sessions. Other activities during the month may include breakfasts and lunch meetings on specific topics to support participants’ growth and development.

Who is it aimed at?
Leading companies wanting to grow and explore other opportunities, and young leaders who are seeking development opportunities.

What’s on offer for AIRAH members?
For NSW, Queensland, SA, Victoria and WA International Leaders, the following scholarships will be offered to AIRAH members:
  • 1 x 75% Scholarship into the Executive Leaders Series
  • 1 x 75% Scholarship into the Future Leaders Series
  • 1 x 25% part-Scholarship into the Executive Leaders Series
  • 1 x 25% part-Scholarship into the Future Leaders Series.
A full program costs approximately $12,000 a year.

People in other states and territories may apply but no travel support will be offered.

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