AIRAH’s STEM Strategy

AIRAH is committed to ensuring all young people, regardless of background, know about the science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields and the career opportunities they offer.

AIRAH’s role is to promote the STEM elements in the HVAC&R Industry and its influence on society and our environment, and its ability to solve real-world problems for policy and decision-makers. We want tomorrow’s practitioners to know that they can change the world. 

Accordingly, we have developed a STEM strategy to drive our activity and focus in this important area.

AIRAH’s STEM strategy covers:
  • Promoting the HVAC&R industry – increasing STEM engagement activities with schools via school visits from our division committees.
  • Support in the classrooms with the Fantastic Fridges Program and the StemAZing Project. 
    In conjunction with the Institute of Refrigeration (IOR) – UK, and the Arizona State Education Board – USA, these programs provide: 
    • Educational tools and resources for primary, middle, and secondary-level curricula
    • Professional development opportunities for STEM teachers.
  • Providing financial support by offering more scholarships to widen participation of targeted groups via our AIRAH Scholarships and Awards program.
  • Celebrating excellence and innovation via the AIRAH Awards program.
  • Making a commitment to gender equity via our Women of AIRAH Special Technical Group. Women are under-represented in STEM fields, and we are committed to bridging the gender gap. By creating a more diverse team of leaders, we will open doors to unexplored areas, and provide new perspectives. See also AIRAH’s Gender Diversity policy.
For more information on these programs please contact us at [email protected] 
This page was last updated July 6, 2021.