HVAC&R licensing in Australia – now and towards 2050

As part of our ongoing advocacy work, AIRAH’s Refrigeration Special Technical Group (STG) has developed a position statement for HVAC&R licensing in Australia. You can provide feedback on the position statement through our online survey until May 31, 2020.

View AIRAH's position statement online  Download AIRAH's position statement

The 21st century imperatives of emissions reduction and energy productivity present our nation with significant change, challenges and opportunities. It is important that all stakeholders from the HVAC&R sector, and the built environment in general, come together to respond.

One of the challenges is to transition to low-GWP refrigerants, effectively and safely. Another is to improve the energy productivity of our HVAC&R systems.

Both are hampered by the lack of a comprehensive licensing and enforcement scheme that covers the skills required of mechanics involved in the installation, operation and maintenance of RAC systems.

Australia needs a licensing regime that not only improves transition outcomes and mitigates the safety risks for technicians, homeowners and building occupants, but also one that enforces appropriate standards; ensures a workforce with sufficient skills; and requires ongoing training and compliance.

AIRAH is working with industry bodies and representatives, plus all levels of government, to develop a skills-based licensing scheme with mandatory compliance and standards.


Following on from the above and our HVAC&R licensing position statement, AIRAH is seeking the support of industry bodies and representatives for enhancements to the refrigeration HVAC&R licensing regime in Australia. 

We are asking for you to submit your feedback and input via a brief survey. Your response is critical in helping AIRAH to establish a whole-of-industry approach. 

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