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AIRAH – industry leadership and advocacy

The HVAC&R industry has some key challenges at a local level with skills and compliance issues right through to the global stage where extreme and disruptive events are increasingly prevalent, and the need for greater energy efficiency and reduction in harmful emissions are a key imperative for government and industry.

AIRAH has consulted with industry leaders and identified some key issues requiring AIRAH thought leadership.  They are:
  • Licensing
  • Resilience
  • Sustainability
  • Compliance
  • Transition to lower GWP refrigerants
  • Innovation and research
To maximise its effectiveness in setting and pursuing its industry-leading agenda, AIRAH has a sound thought leadership and advocacy process for capturing and distilling industry input, and obtaining regulatory and government commitment.

AIRAH has an enviable track record, via Special Technical Groups (STG’s) and other forums, of collaborating with the HVAC&R industry and harnessing industry expertise to be recognised as the trusted voice in the HVAC&R industry. Given the pace of change and the scope of challenges facing the industry today, it is important AIRAH ensures it aligns the work of the STG’s with its thought leadership agenda, and that it has well defined pathways for advocating to key stakeholders and influencers to facilitate change to government policies, industry regulation and industry work practices.

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