NSW - Condensation, Moisture & Mould in Buildings

NSW - Condensation, Moisture & Mould in Buildings
Mould is widely regarded as an ever-present danger to the structural stability of commercial and residential buildings, and to the health and well-being of residents and employees alike.

AIRAH and the Building Designers Association of Australia (BDAA) invite you to attend the Condensation, Moisture and Mould in Buildings; Introduction to Solutions Seminar, an informative and timely workshop set to take place on Tuesday, November 20 in Sydney.

Internationally renowned building scientist, educator and expert Terry Brennan, CEO of Camroden Associates (USA), will address the issue of condensation, moisture and mould in buildings.

This workshop will offer details regarding moisture control guidance for building design, and construction; and provide practical tips for avoiding moisture problems through proper design and construction, and for dealing with mould if it occurs in the built environment.

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University of New South Wales LG03, Tyree Energy Technologies Building Anzac Parade Kensington NSW AUSTRALIA

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