Online events

TitleDateEvent CodeRegister
Streamline: Commercial HVAC in a post-COVID-19 world3/02/2022WEB030222More information
Streamline: Prefabrication and MEP Technology17/02/2022WEB170222More information
Online - Essential Safety Measures Course18/02/2022ONL180222More information
Technology Talk: Sustainable HVAC Design24/02/2022WEB240222More information
Online - Smoke Control and Fire Dampers Course4/03/2022ONL040322More information
Streamline: High Rise Design for Outdoor Plant10/03/2022WEB100322More information
Streamline: 2025 National Packaging Targets17/03/2022WEB170322More information
Technology Talk: IAQ Part II31/03/2022WEB310322More information
Online - Smoke Control and Fire Dampers Course8/04/2022ONL080422More information
Online - Building Tuning Course12/04/2022ONL120422More information