Ventilation in Buildings Seminar Series
AS 1668 Overview

AS/NZS 1668.1 | AS 1668.2 | AS 1668.4

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AIRAH is pleased to present a seminar series highlighting the key principles, design opportunities and common oversights when applying the AS 1668 series of Standards.

There is an overview of: 
  • AS/NZS 1668.1 – The use of ventilation and airconditioning in buildings. Fire and smoke control in buildings;
  • AS 1668.2 –  The use of ventilation and airconditioning in buildings. Mechanical ventilation in buildings
  • AS 1668.4 - The use of ventilation and airconditioning in buildings. Natural ventilation of buildings

Each of these Standards form the bread and butter of the HVAC&R industry, but we are regularly asked to provide training and education on these standards. In this new overview seminar series, we will look at some of the main areas industry has told us that they need more support with and outline some of the content under development for our new Ventilation sessions. 

This series will include content outlines, case study examples and support you with questions such as:
  • Do you know the difference between introduced outdoor air and effective outdoor air and how much of each is necessary?
  • Do you really know how to design filtration to reduce outdoor air to 7.5 L/s/person?
  • Are you still over-designing car park ventilation? Can you identify opportunities available in the latest National Construction Code (NCC) and Standards to simplify your design?
  • How do you use jet fans for car parks, as DTS, without any fire engineering?
  • Is your kitchen hood exhaust compliant?
  • Does this room need ventilation?
  • Make-up air. Where can it and where can’t it come from?
  • Where are fire dampers required and when do they need insulation?
  • Which penetrations need smoke dampers?
  • Fire Dampers, Smoke Dampers and Air Dampers: what’s the difference?
  • Stair pressurisation: how many doors do you really need to measure?
  • Natural ventilation: 5% vs AS 1668.4.

Who should attend:
  • Regulatory authorities
  • Certifiers
  • Mechanical services designers
  • Mechanical services contractors
  • Equipment manufacturers and suppliers
  • Maintenance contractors
  • Facilities managers
  • Building owners. 


Brett Fairweather, M.AIRAH 

Brett is a member of Standards Australia’s ME-062 subcommittees responsible for Standards on fire and smoke control, mechanical ventilation in buildings and natural ventilation of buildings. He has represented local engineering practices since the 1990s and now runs a mechanical services consultancy to support other practitioners throughout the industry.


Registrations are now open. The locations and registration links are listed below, or you can register by downloading the registration form.

Member price: $165 (Including GST) 
Non-member price: $220 (Including GST)

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Locations and dates

Seminar times

7.30am – Registrations desk opens, and light refreshments served
8am – Seminar start
12pm – Seminar finish and light lunch served.

Seminar locations and dates

More information will be available soon.

Further information

Please contact the AIRAH office on (03) 8623 3000 or email