AIRAH Accredited Education and Training

AIRAH (the Australian Institute of Refrigeration, Air Conditioning and Heating) has a long and proud history of representing an industry of professionals, who are of fundamental, and increasing, importance to the comfort, health and safety of the community. Formed in 1920, AIRAH is recognised by government and industry bodies for its expertise across a wide range of issues in the area of engineering services for the built environment.

AIRAH encourages world’s best practice within the industry. Through continuing professional development, accreditation programs and a wide range of technical publications, AIRAH has earned a reputation for developing the competence and skills of industry practitioners so that they can better meet society’s evolving health, safety and environmental demands.

As the leading specialist membership association for air conditioning, refrigeration, heating and ventilation professionals, AIRAH represents over 10,000 professionals across Australia. 

In operation for over 95 years, AIRAH’s longevity stems from its strong links with like-minded organisations around the world and the successful delivery of key member benefits including representation, dissemination of technical information, networking, member recognition and education and training.

Accredited Education and Training

The role of educating the HVAC&R industry via industry specific training and the acknowledgement/accreditation of members that recognise their desire to remain at the forefront of their peers has been the major focus of the association for some time. AIRAH’s Accredited Education and Training program is in place for participants to undertake nationally industry recognised professional development opportunities, specific to the HVAC&R industry.

All AIRAH Accredited Education and Training Programs are developed by consulting and engaging with a range of HVAC&R industry stakeholders to better understand the needs of the industry.  This philosophy was undertaken to ensure any educational offering to the HVAC&R industry is:

  • Up-to-date and comprehensive HVAC&R specific training
  • Industry recognised training to assist with career development
  • Delivered in a variety of flexible educational environments
  • AIRAH accredited and recognised

AIRAH is not a Registered Training Organisation but it adheres to the highest educational development and delivery standards outlined by the various government education accreditation authorities. Please refer to the Professional Development Policies and Procedures Manual.

Past AIRAH programs

The AIRAH Accredited Education and Training Program recognises past qualifications awarded under AIRAH’s former registered training organisation (RTO) status. Past qualifications are held with the same integrity, and represent the same high-quality professional development training provided by the new education and training program. 

Code of Ethics

AIRAH members have a Code of Ethics that was produced by members for the sole purpose of providing guidance to members to assist them in carrying out their duties and responsibilities. It defines professional standards of conduct that AIRAH expects of its members. The Code of Ethics encourages all members to continually undertake professional development opportunities to ensure the members remain at the forefront of the industry. Below is the professional development statement listed in the Code of Ethics.

Professional Development (Code of Ethics)

Members shall continue their development throughout their careers and shall assist and encourage others to do so. 

Members shall: 
  • Maintain their skills on an ongoing basis by undertaking continuing professional development and education, involving both informal elements such as personal reading and more formal elements such as attendance at training and education courses 
  • Strive to extend their knowledge and skills in order to achieve continuous improvement in the science and practice of refrigeration, air conditioning and heating 
  • Actively assist and encourage those under their direction or with whom they are associated to advance their knowledge and skills 
  • Where they fail to maintain their skills in an area of previous expertise, refrain from practice in that area until such time they have undertaken the training or education necessary to update their knowledge. 

Please refer to the AIRAH Code of Ethics and AIRAH CPD program for further information.