How are AIRAH’s Board of Directors appointed?


How are AIRAH's Board Directors appointed?

The journey to be appointed onto the AIRAH Board of Directors has a number of steps. Below is a summary of the key steps on that journey.

In addition to the process outlined here, please feel free to reach out to the AIRAH President or Chief Executive for a personal discussion or to help you answer any associated questions.

A Review AIRAH's strategic objectives
Take some time to find out our organisation’s goals and objectives.

See: AIRAH's Strategic Plan 2020–2023

B Get involved with AIRAH
To support AIRAH’s goals and objectives, join one of the many AIRAH committees dedicated to our divisions, Special Technical Groups (STGS), or conferences/forums. You can also nominate to represent AIRAH on an Australian Standards committee.

C Review the Constitution
Gain insights into the context and structure of our organisation

See: AIRAH's Constitution

D Nominate and be appointed as an Associate Director
Each division and Special Technical Group is able to appoint one of their members to represent and contribute their group views as part of AIRAH's National Reference Group, and to attend the yearly National Convention.

For more information on being as Associate Director, please click here.

E Stand to be an AIRAH Board Director
As an Associate Director, you are eligible to nominate to stand for the three Board Director roles that are available at the yearly National Convention. 

For more information on being an AIRAH Board Director, please click here.

We also invite you to find out more about AIRAH's Board and our leadership and governance.


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