James Harrison Book

James Harrison is AIRAH’s guiding light and the pioneer of mechanical refrigeration. HVAC&R owes much to his ingenuity.

For James Harrison Day on April 17, 2020, and coinciding with AIRAH’s Centenary year, we are pleased to offer free digital access to the book James Harrison ~ Pioneering Genius.

We are also excited to offer access to a limited print run of the book, which we share with industry and public in an effort to increase exposure to Harrison’s work, accomplishments, and role in advancing the HVAC&R industry. To order your copy, please click here.

James Harrison ~ Pioneering Genius

WR (Roy) Lang, 1982

Some said he was talented. Others said he was a genius. One man declared he was an epoch maker. All three were right.

Like the invention of the steam engine, refrigeration is one of the forces that has shaped our civilisation.

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