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As part of our vision and strategic goals, AIRAH is committed to being the industry voice for resilience, sustainability, safety, and innovation in HVAC&R building services.

The industry faces challenges at a local level, with skills and compliance issues, and at a global level due to climate change and increasingly prevalent extreme and disruptive events. The need for safer, healthier and more sustainable and effective environments is a key imperative for government and industry.

AIRAH engages in industry leadership and advocacy activities – collaborating with our members, the industry, government, and stakeholders to progress and promote the HVAC&R building services industry.

We invite you to explore and get involved in this work via the links below.

Advocacy Our advocacy work centres around three main themes: the transition to a net-zero future; professionalism and safety; and resilience. For more information on AIRAH’s advocacy work (including our activity and submissions), please visit
Professional registration of engineers Australia is seeking to restore confidence in the building and construction industry through the professional registration of engineers. AIRAH is supporting these efforts through the AIRAH Professional Engineer Register (APER) accreditation program for mechanical engineer – HVAC&R building services professionals. This has been developed to meet the requirements of existing state schemes, and new schemes as they are released.

AIRAH Professional Engineer Register

To learn more about the progress of professional registration across Australia’s states and territories, click here.
Initiatives Discover our industry leadership initiatives to progress the HVAC&R building services industry. This work includes core advocacy activities as well as:

AIRAH also hosts and/or sponsors a number of scholarships, awards, and prizes for the Australian HVAC&R building services industry.
Focus Learn about our activities and involvement around essential topics for the HVAC&R building services industry:

  • Climate change – Despite playing a major role in emissions, HVAC&R isn’t a term often associated with global warming, or ameliorating its impact. But the industry intersects with climate change in many ways.
  • COVID-19 – We continue to closely monitor the latest developments around COVID-19, offering up-to-date information on the role HVAC&R systems play in maintaining healthy conditions.
  • Diversity and inclusion – AIRAH is committed to promoting diversity and inclusion within the HVAC&R building services industry.
  • HVAC&R licensing – AIRAH supports a nationally consistent licensing scheme, now and towards 2050.
  • Promoting our industry – Explore our shareable resources and materials that can be used to promote the HVAC&R building services industry and to encourage the next generation of STEM practitioners.
  • Representing our industry – We encourage our members to get involved with AIRAH and represent the industry across important initiatives.


Special Technical Groups

AIRAH’s industry leadership activities include the work of our Special Technical Groups (STGs), representing the major areas of the dynamic HVAC&R building services field. Our STGs are invested in advancing member skills and keeping them involved in emerging trends.

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For more information or to discuss AIRAH's industry leadership and advocacy work, please email [email protected]

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