Competent Fire Safety Practitioners in HVAC? Industry Reform for NSW – What is Happening?

On Thursday, May 28, AIRAH hosted the Streamline session "Competent Fire Safety Practitioners in HVAC? Industry Reform for NSW – What is Happening?", with support from Fire Protection Association Australia (FPA Australia). This information session discussed significant reforms changing the way HVAC fire and smoke control systems must be assessed and endorsed when carrying out work associated with an Annual Fire Safety Statement (AFSS) in NSW.

About this Streamline 

The webinar covered:

  • History leading to the reform
  • What is the role of a competent fire safety practitioner (CFSP)?
  • Fire Protection Association Scheme (FPAS) accreditation for HVAC practitioners.

The recording of this webinar has been made available to industry and public. Please click the link below to access it.

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Brett Fairweather, M.AIRAH
It's Engineered, mechanical engineering consultant (LinkedIn)

Brett has represented local engineering practices for over 20 years, and now runs a mechanical services consultancy to support other practitioners throughout the industry. On behalf of AIRAH, Brett is regularly involved in delivering training relevant to the maintenance of essential safety measures; design of smoke control and fire dampers; and building ventilation. Brett is a member of Standards Australia’s ME-062 subcommittees, which are responsible for standards on a range of HVAC requirements in buildings.

Mikaila Ganado, M.AIRAH

GWA Consultants, associate (LinkedIn)

Mikaila is an associate at GWA Consultants Australia, where she specialises in finding niche solutions for existing buildings, focusing on efficiency and buildability. With a career spanning over 15 years in design, construction, site management and project management, she has noted a lack of female peers and general diversity within the industry. Mikaila champions representation and inclusion through her work as Chair of the Women of AIRAH STG.

Paul Waterhouse, M.AIRAH

Fire Protection Association Australia (FPA Australia), acting chief operating officer and state manager – NSW (LinkedIn)

Paul is the acting chief operating officer and state manager – NSW for the FPA Australia. In a career spanning more than 20 years in advocacy and public policy, he has covered issues as diverse as cities; planning and development assessment reform; disability access; building regulation; risk; counterterrorism; sustainability; transport safety; manufacturing; energy; police policy; and property law. As the local representative in NSW, Paul has been closely involved in the roll-out and acceptance of the FPAS in this state..