AHRI Certification Procedures and Benefits

On Thursday, July 16, AIRAH hosted the Streamline session "AHRI Certification Procedures and Benefits", looking at performance deficiencies in HVAC systems, and the AHRI certification process to ensure correct design for increased sustainability and lower energy costs, with support from Alfa Laval.

About this Streamline 

The webinar covered:

  • Performance deficiencies in the HVAC system
  • How to demystify the market about the certification process and ensure correct design for increased sustainability and lower energy costs.

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Colin Ellis, Affil.AIRAH
Refrigeration Manager, Alfa Laval Australia (LinkedIn)

Colin has been with Alfa Laval for around 40 years. He has worked in Alfa Laval Thermal, focusing mainly on heat transfer in the HVAC, mining, petrochemical, and offshore industries.

Colin has presented at various trade sessions and spent many years designing heat exchangers for HVAC and refrigeration, with a focus on both gasketed and brazed plate heat exchanger design and selection. He is a valued mentor to many due to his comprehensive service and product knowledge.