AIRAH and World Refrigeration Day – June 26

World Refrigeration Day
June 26

Join AIRAH in celebrating the HVAC&R industry!

World Refrigeration Day 2022’s theme is Cooling Matters.

"Our objective is to make the public aware of cooling's essential benefits, how cooling impacts daily life, and how technology choices foster environmental well-being of future generations." – Steve Gill, World Refrigeration Day founder

For World Refrigeration Day, AIRAH is sharing the recent keynote address from Dr Paul Bannister, L.AIRAH, at our Refrigeration Conference (May 2022).

Keynote address: Climate change challenges and opportunities for refrigeration             

While many people have only become aware of the concept of supply chain because of COVID, refrigeration engineers have long known that refrigeration is central to modern society. And as with all aspects of modern society, the sector is now facing the need to rapidly decarbonise. For refrigeration, this is most obviously about efficiency and zero/low-GWP refrigerants, for which the opportunities are many. But looking more broadly, the cold chain also offers opportunities for participation in electricity grid load management and onsite generation. In this keynote, Dr Bannister will review what the industry can do to play its part in meeting the climate challenge.

Dr Paul Bannister, L.AIRAH, was the recipient of AIRAH’s James Harrison Medal at the AIRAH Awards 2021. The medal is in recognition of the highest levels of achievement in the Australian refrigeration and air conditioning industry.

Access AIRAH’s suite of technical refrigeration resources and find out more about our Refrigeration Special Technical Group.


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Industry event As part of the STC Canterbury Bankstown Bulldogs Apprentice program, Superior Training Centre is holding an employer and student meet-up event on World Refrigeration Day, June 26.

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What is World Refrigeration Day? World Refrigeration Day takes place annually on June 26.

First started in 2019, the aim is to raise the profile of the important contribution that refrigeration, air conditioning, and heat pumps make globally across so many aspects of modern life.

World Refrigeration Day provides a chance to acknowledge our industry’s history, recognise its essential role in our lives and envision its future. AIRAH is engaged in many year-round initiatives supporting the HVAC&R industry. This involves activities aimed at improving sector visibility and awareness, including presentations to primary school students about the invention of refrigeration, its climate impact, and where it's headed.

We’re taking World Refrigeration Day as an opportunity to expand on our outreach and highlight the wonderful world of heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration (or HVAC&R as it’s often called) and share stories from our members and the industry.

We invite you to join us in promoting our essential industry.


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AIRAH World Refrigeration Day poster for students
Celebrating World Refrigeration Day (students)
This A4 poster can be used to promote World Refrigeration Day to university and TAFE students.

AIRAH World Refrigeration Day poster
Celebrating World Refrigeration Day (general)
This A4 poster helps to get the word out about World Refrigeration Day.

What is HVAC&R?
A two-page A4 flyer promoting the industry, why we need it, and the career opportunities.

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Find out more about the HVAC&R industry and World Refrigeration Day.

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