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As part of our membership benefits, AIRAH members receive exclusive digital access to the complete AIRAH Technical Handbook, including appendices A–K. 

Please note that the sixth edition of the AIRAH Technical Handbook will be available to members from April 6, 2021.

Digital access to the fifth edition of the AIRAH Technical Handbook will remain available to AIRAH members until April 1, 2022. Please note that once you download the sixth edition, it will replace your previous version of the digital Handbook.

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An AIRAH membership is your entry to Australia’s HVAC&R industry. AIRAH members receive exclusive online access to the AIRAH Technical Handbook; our available Design Application (DA) manuals; discounted rates on hard copy technical resources and event registrations; regular issues of Ecolibrium, our industry journal; plus other great member benefits. 

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Find information and helpful resources on accessing AIRAH’s Technical Handbook in the video and via the links below.

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This page was last updated November 3, 2021