The AIRAH Technical Handbook is one of the most valuable benefits of an AIRAH membership. It is regarded as the go-to resource for our industry’s professionals and practitioners.

The sixth edition of the AIRAH Technical Handbook is available now (April 6, 2021). This edition sees a back-to-basics return to focusing on the engineering fundamentals of the science of HVAC&R.

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Sections (hard copy + digital)

Appendices (digital)

  1. General and fundamentals
  2. Design data
  3. Heat transfer and insulation
  4. Air distribution systems
  5. Pipe systems
  6. Heating, ventilation and air conditioning
  7. Noise and vibration
  8. Refrigeration

  1. General – supplementary material
  2. Psychrometrics – supplementary material
  3. Thermal properties of materials
  4. Duct design examples
  5. Controls and HVAC
  6. Metering and monitoring
  7. Improving a building performance rating
  8. Cogeneration designer checklist
  9. Refrigeration – supplementary material
  10. Corrosion
  11. Climate data

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As part of our membership benefits, AIRAH members also receive exclusive digital access to the Technical Handbook, including appendices A–K.

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