The Solar Heating and Cooling Forum 2018 will take a look at developments, innovations, and future challenges facing the Australian solar heating and cooling industry. Topics covered will include industry examples and case studies, including Monash University's solar farm, which utilised the latest in solar technology to provide preheating to a low-load boiler serving a campus-wide high-temperature hot water system. AIRAH featured the project in the November edition of Ecolibrium magazine.

The forum has been curated with the help of AIRAH’s Solar Special Technical Group, providing a way of channeling specialist expertise from the wider industry into the Institute. AIRAH STGs (Special Technical Groups) gives members a platform for involvement in issues that affect their discipline, including policy advice and regulation development. The Solar Cooling STG is made up of individuals who are interested in developing the solar heating and cooling industry in Australia, with the aim of combating climate change by reducing greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) from the residential and commercial building sectors.

Monash Solar Farm