Shaun Merry

Shaun Merry, Affil.AIRAH

Recruitment insights - Breaking the cycle 

The Australian Industry and Skills Committee recently graded refrigeration as one of hardest areas to attract talent due to the ageing workforce and high competition among employers. When this is overlaid with specific HVAC&R segment requirements, for example supermarket CO2 experience, or specific controls, the market is even tighter. Most suitable candidates are either already employed by their company of choice, or a direct competitor.

Woolworths have arguably one of the most capable strategic sourcing teams in Australia. Shaun will share insights into how Woolworths is working toward reducing the skills shortage in the supermarket refrigeration industry, and some suggestions for other employers to consider.  

About Shaun Merry:
Shaun began his career as an apprentice refrigeration mechanic in 1997 with McAlpine Hussmann Refrigeration in Sydney. After completing his trade he spent two years working as a refrigeration mechanic before progressing into a supervisor role in 2002.

Over the next seven years, Shaun held various roles in capacities such as Commissioner, Project Manager and Engineer. Over this time he was instrumental in delivering many projects, including some of Woolworths’ first liquid recirculation CO2 systems, and Woolworths’ first CO2 system into a refurbishment store. In 2009, he started his career with Woolworths as an HVAC and Refrigeration Field Engineer and spent the next five years working closely with the construction team, overseeing the delivery of refrigeration systems.

In 2015, Shaun was appointed to Regional Installation Manager overseeing the NSW and Queensland branches for Retail FM. In March 2016, Shaun commenced his current role as National Installation Manager overseeing the Woolworths Refrigeration installation team. He and his team, consisting of 70-plus team members,  are responsible for the delivery of in excess of $60m of Refrigeration projects per annum, and have again been instrumental in the normalisation of transcritical CO2 systems across Woolworths.