Paul Bannister

Dr Paul Bannister, L.AIRAH

Keynote address: Climate change challenges and opportunities for refrigeration

While many people have only become aware of the concept of supply chain because of COVID, refrigeration engineers have long known that refrigeration is central to modern society.  And as with all aspects of modern society, the sector is now facing the need to rapidly decarbonise.  For refrigeration, this is most obviously about efficiency and zero/low-GWP refrigerants, for which the opportunities are many.  But looking more broadly, the cold chain also offers opportunities for participation in electricity grid load management and onsite generation.  In this keynote, Dr Bannister will review what the industry can do to play its part in meeting the climate challenge. 

About Dr Paul Bannister:
Dr Paul Bannister is an energy-efficiency consultant specialising in the energy efficiency of commercial buildings. He has amassed extensive experience in the energy-efficiency upgrade of scores of buildings over a 35-year career in the energy sector in Australia and New Zealand, as well as extensive energy-efficiency policy work.  

He is the primary technical author of the NABERS Energy and Water ratings, which have underpinned significant efficiency improvements in the Australian office market, and also led the upgrade of energy-efficiency measures in the 2019 edition of the NCC. He has also been published in more than 100 publications in the field of energy use and the built environment. 

Paul was awarded the James Harrison Medal by AIRAH in 2021 in honour of his contribution to the HVAC industry.